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Let's be realistic: your brain isn't built for trading. Trying to consistently track numerous correlations without experiencing decision-making fatigue is simply not possible. iYurek's software and dashboard help you stay on top of your asset ecosystem and rapidly detect variables in this fast-changing environment at a rate that is otherwise unattainable for the human brain. You've probably jumped into the trading game, ready to take the market by storm. But then you saw the ugly truth…


You might be profiting in your demo account, but once you get to the live market, there’s a lot of conflicting advice and overwhelming data!


Everyone tells you how you should combine technical and fundamental analysis, yet somehow they always seem to contradict each other!


The fear of failure hangs over you like a dark cloud, and those copycat strategies haven't been doing you any favors

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This is How it Works!

Tap. Validate. Trade.

iYurek is an AI-powered tool engineered to collect, analyze, and simplify real-time market data for cross-asset market analysis in real-time.

It delivers fast and accurate insights through easy-to-understand visuals that demystify complex market correlations.


The Market Analysis Tool To Replace Them All

circle logo Ditch the Data Overload and Focus on What Really Matters
circle logo Real-time Market Insights so You're Always a Step Ahead
circle logo Use Software To Simplify Technical Analysis and Price Action to Validate Your Strategy
circle logo Gain a Deeper Understanding of Advanced Studies In the Cross-Asset Ecosystem
circle logo A Single App with all the Trading Instruments to Learn, Analyze, Decide, and Trade.

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Unleash Your Focus

Most traders act solely on chart patterns of the asset they are trading, often missing deeper market dynamics. With each asset having at least 26 different correlations, tracking the ecosystem is vital for best decision-making. iYurek's advanced software provides real-time tracking of these correlations, empowering retail investors to trade like Wall Street experts. We simplify complexity so you can focus on winning.

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Elevate Your Trading Strategy

Discover 150+ pre-built strategies based on price action analysis and backtest results on historical market data you can deploy virtually on live markets to get real-time results across multiple assets and timeframes. iYurek helps you be in sync with the market, understanding what works and what doesn't!

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Become Your Own Economic Guru

With iYurek, you get simplified, yet meaningful charts and insights that makes it easy to match the right information with the right asset, at the right time. Our platform distills complex global economic reports into actionable tips, so you can make better-informed decisions.

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Boost Your Trading with AI-Powered Testing

We are working on including cutting-edge machine learning and AI algorithms tailored for each specific market condition. Now you can see the market with a new set of eyes, backed by the power of AI. Our goal with this AI solution is to deliver an experience like having a financial guru in your pocket. However, keep in mind that this is still in the making.

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Unlike typical market analysis software, iYurek simplifies data to reduce mental strain and decision-making fatigue, offering individual investors a complete laser-focused view of each asset's ecosystem. Other software often overwhelms with excessive data.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Oh, you're in for a treat! This exclusive opportunity locks in your lifetime price and also grants you perks such as exclusive discounts and priority access upon release.

Absolutely! Only the first 20,000 early adopters get these fantastic perks, so you better hurry!

Once you subscribe, you'll have a direct chat line to us for all your brilliant feedback and game-changing ideas.

Beta tools are like the VIP backstage pass to the next big thing in trading. As an early adopter, you get to test-drive new features before anyone else!

Yes! The $45 monthly charge kicks in the moment you hit that Subscribe to iYurekplus button. But keep in mind that we reinvest the funds into developing more features

Yes, we will regularly share with you the progress on the implementation of all the awesome features in iYurek. In the meantime, here’s a timeline for the upcoming releases:

  • Subscription starts April 25, 2024
  • Embarking on a journey of relentless development and deployment, we're poised to unveil continuous advancements (almost every other week) in our software offerings

Absolutely! As an early adopter iYurekPlus member, your referral % gets a nice boost, so: 1) Subscribe to iYurekplus, 2) go to your Referrals section, and 3) start spreading the love!

We're laser-focused on helping you track the ecosystem of the asset you choose to trade, offering a deeper grasp of market-driving forces with proprietary visuals and easy-to-understand analysis. Plus, we are building the stage for a community and educational resources unmatched by the competition!

Yes! We have advanced machine learning algorithms in the making to offer a variety of AI-powered services for all your trading needs.


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